no. 9, 101 from the 101 (rose, aqua)

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Image of no. 9, 101 from the 101 (rose, aqua)

Limited Edition Giclée Print
Edition of 101
6.5" x 6.5"

The original wintergreen oil transfer monoprint is made on a milky background of minty, gold and rose chalk pastels that was dusted with a mist of off-pink spray paint. When mixed with the wintergreen oil process, strange and subtle smooshed and smudged areas with delicate gradients of charcoal resulted -- all of which have been reproduced here with remarkable clarity.

The work in the “101 from the 101” series is based on compulsively taken photos while driving the 101 between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, at a time when endings were imminent. They — the palms and the photos, and the work they inspire — are residual proofs of love and friendship. There is softness and some comfort in these landscapes, in their unbound, sometimes blurred, undefinable edges.

Professionally printed in Los Angeles with saturated inks on natural white, archival, 300 gsm exhibition quality paper, each print is signed and numbered just outside of the printed area, and is shipped with a 1-inch, straight-cut white border surrounding the image.

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Image of no. 9, 101 from the 101 (rose, aqua) Image of no. 9, 101 from the 101 (rose, aqua)